Gaspard Proust on stage at the 38!

7 juin 2011 DH Author Events 0 Comments

For our third After Work at the 38, we had the honor to welcome Gaspard Proust to talk about “creation and provocation”.  Gaspard Proust is a man of many lives. Indeed after being a banker in Switzerland he decided to drastically change his life to become a humorist.  This career choice was definitively a right turn for him given that he is now filling up Paris’ theaters.

On stage like in real life, Gaspard Proust blurs the boundaries between the artist and the man.  Just like his humor, he tends to have a very cynical approach to life, probably due to his past lives in Ex-Yugoslavia and Algeria, two countries who have known many wars.

During his interview Gaspard Proust answered in his own way to the journalist Julien Arnaud, bringing smiles and laughter amongst the audience.  Due to his very personal humor, people tend to see him as a provocateur.  However, as he explained, people react and laugh because they recognize themselves or a reality in his performances, which makes him an observer rather than a provocateur.  For him, the stage is a space for freedom: “it doesn’t matter to be misogynist on stage, but it does in real life.”

Gaspard Proust’s secret to make an audience laugh is to surprise them. And as the interview showed, he manages this technique to perfection!

He is now taking on new challenges by playing in a new French movie called Love lasts three years out February 2012.

Having a humorist such as Garpard Proust last Monday was a new and exciting experience that pleased the audience!


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