About us

Daniel Hechter revolutionised the textile industry during the sixties by producing highly creative collections, not just aimed at a social elite, but reflecting a fashionable lifestyle.

In 1962, he launched his first women’s collection, thus inventing the ready-to-wear clothing and bringing fashion out onto the streets.

In 1998 Daniel Hechter decided to show his confidence to the German Aulbach Group, his European licensee since 1976.

The Aulbach Group has been given the task to ensure the brand’s long-term stability and to speed up its international development.

The new owners have consistently further developed the Daniel Hechter brand through restructuring the collections and their efforts have been rewarded with ever-widening international success.

The Daniel Hechter designer brand includes the following:

  • Women’s wear
  • Men’s wear
  • Sport
  • Lingerie night & day
  • Shoes
  • Home accessories
  • Leather accessories
  • Writing accessories
  • Jewellery